3D Printing - Cheaper and More Accessible than Ever!

In the age of rapid-prototyping, we at Little Apple Cellular Repair also work in the realm of 3D Printing. We offer consulting services, in-house modelling, or if you already have the file you want to print, on-site printers ready to go with a variety of colors

Other online services tend to be expensive, especially after shipping and if you add "extra features" to your 3D print.

With free quotation and initial consultation - Little Apple Repair is committed to sharing the joy and ease of having parts on-demand

3D Printer

Unnamed on-demand 3D-Printing Service

Little Apple Cellular Repair's

Price (Not Including Shipping)

For a relatively basic print, prices are quite high - and this is not including surcharges for things such as color (adding 4-5$ on average), filament type (adding anywhere from 5-40$) and other such services.


Reasonable Pricing

Pricing based on filament - not on inconvenience

Yellow 3D Printed Shape



Years of 3D Printing, research, with 1000s of hours of printing time

3D Printing


Unlimited Options

A wide variety of colors, filaments, and size of print

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