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About us!

Hello to anyone reading! My name is Jonathan Opila, and I'm the sole proprietor of Little Apple Cellular Repair, an electronics repair company located in the downtown area of Manhattan, KS.

A bit about myself; I'm a K-State alum (class of 2018) with my bachelors in Physics, who had a change of heart after spending 3 years in the Mechanical Engineering curriculum. I worked for a few years with an unnamed cell phone repair small business (which then became a cell phone repair franchise). During these many years of schooling, I learned the basics of mechanical design and theory, as well as the theoretical framework, which has been invaluable towards electronics repair and 3D printing. During my time as a technician, I participated in the repair of over 3000 unique devices with a user error rate of 99.75%. Everything from cell phones to tablets, laptops to desktops, music players to consoles.

I pride the business on offering some of the lowest rates in Manhattan, and forgoing most forms of diagnostic fees. In my previous job, I held a great many titles - technician, manager, and the occasional grandson.

But credentials, while nice, are not the only thing to factor into a repair shop. With so many repair shops out there and having to choose between 3rd party repair, trying it out yourself, or going to the Apple store, how does one choose?

3rd Party Repair

Phone manufacturers have been known to incorporate measures to stop people from repairing their devices - adding serial numbers to parts, creating incompatibilities, or just making them too unwieldy or difficult to repair. The struggle for the right to repair your own device is a constant uphill battle to ensure people have their right to choose. Cutting to the chase, why choose 3rd party repair?

Cost of OEM Repair

Using Apple as an example, here are the cost of screen repairs for common iPhones (and how much more they charge for these repairs out of warranty). At the time of writing -

Phone Apple Cost Our Cost Percent Difference

iPhone 7 149$ 80$ 181% iPhone 7+ 169$ 85$ 199%

iPhone 8 149$ 80$ 181% iPhone 8+ 169$ 85$ 199%

iPhone X 279$ 125$ 232%

iPhone Xr 199$ 115$ 173%

iPhone Xs 279$ 125$ 232%

iPhone Xs Max 329$ 175$ 188%

iPhone 11 199$ 120$ 166%

Quality of Parts and Warranties

In the interest of transparency, we use parts primarily from parts manufacturer MobileSentrix. They are one of the premier 3rd party parts wholesalers in the world - offering high quality products that in some cases rival the original part put into some iPhones. We also confer the same warranty that MobileSentrix does, lifetime defects on all screens (barring physical damage), and 90 days on other parts (cameras, charging ports, speakers, etc).


Stated earlier, I have experience in the repair of over 3000 unique devices over my time as a technician - I know an iPhone forwards, backwards and sideways. In addition, I am what is called "a poor salesman", I'm not here to make a couple bucks off a repair that doesn't need to be done. Sometimes, a phone will be more trouble than it's worth to do a repair - being honest in these cases is the best results.

There will be more posts in the coming months where I will be sharing more information about the repair industry, taking opinions on iPhone releases, and anything in-between. If you have an particular question or topic that you've always been curious about, feel free to send a message. In the end, Little Apple Cellular Repair is here to serve the Manhattan community.

Happy new years to everyone!

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